4ZZZ FM | Radio Interview: Sian Campbell

Sian Campbell is the memoir editor of online literary journal, Scum Mag. Starting in February 2013, Scum Mag brings together a collection of fiction, memoir, poetry and rants from a bunch of mainly Australian writers. With articles like ‘How to call fellow men out on misogyny’ and teary and hilarious memoirs, as well as substantiative fiction, Scum sets about creating an accessible feminist platform for writers to be published and heard.

I caught up with Sian Campbell to talk about how and why Scum-Mag started and the ethos behind the digital mag, as well as Scum’s recent choice to publish a Blue Light Disco, physical zine.

To listen to the interview, head to the 4ZZZ interview podcast.

If you’d like to find out more head to: www.scum-mag.com.

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