Famous in their day: The pioneering artists you should know, but don’t, The Age (Sep 2022)
Like a Wheel that Turns at Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, The Saturday Paper (2022)
Frances Barrett: Meatus at Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, The Saturday Paper (2022)
A Common World: Review of Bri Lee’s ‘Who Gets to Be Smart’, Sydney Review of Books (2021)
Capturing life at the speed of light: NGV shows art’s ‘rock stars’, The Age (June 2021)
In a world of wonder, Piccinini asks us to value more than beauty, The Age (June 2021)
An unfinished landscape: She-Oak show sheds new light on classics, The Age (April 2021)
The 22nd Biennale of Sydney makes witnesses out of us all, Art Guide Australia (Aug 2020)
Kylie Minogue: Fragments of a watery icon, Difficult Fun (November 2018)
Ella Sowinska’s ’80 Ways’, Memo Review (July 2018)
Totally Mild: How limitlessness is not a given condition, Difficult Fun (May 2018)
Loyalty Does Not End – Genesis P-Orridge at The Substation, Memo Review (Mar 2018)
Jen Cloher Review: On love and the willingness to be fooled, Difficult Fun (Feb 2018)
Xiu Xiu and Twin Peaks: Derivatively original, RealTime Magazine (July 2017)
Hearing through capital’s illusions, RealTime Magazine (2015)
Review: Ed Kuepper, Collapse Board (2014)
Review: Go Genre Everything, Scrabbled, Gravel SamWidge, The Legend! Collapse Board (2014)
Review: Amanda Palmer live at a house party in Lutwyche, Collapse Board (2014)

Profiles + Features

Spotlight on the two women who changed art scene, The Age Spectrum (Jul 2022)
Primal, addictive, risky: up-and-coming artists making their mark, The Age Spectrum (Jun 2022)
The 10 art shows to look out for in 2022, The Age – Spectrum (Jan 2022)
Bringing the outside in, Art Guide Australia (May/Jun 2021)
Iterations: John Nixon, Disclaimer (Apr 2021)
The priest and the porter: On Louise Paramor, Art Guide Australia (Jan/Feb 2021)
‘I’m trying to crack a code’: On Darcey Bella Arnold, The Age Spectrum (Nov 2020)
Artist Danila Vassilieff was selling his house with just one catch, The Age Spectrum (Aug 2020)
Seeing like Jeffrey Smart: how empty streets gave new insight, The Age Spectrum (Aug 2020)
It’s the Beginning of a New Age: On Nell, Art Guide Australia (Jul/Aug 2020)
Problematic or romantic? Why self-taught artists don’t quite fit, The Age Spectrum (Jun 2020)
Where intimacy happens, The Age Spectrum (May 2020)
Jacqui Stockdale is reviving the concept of the muse, Art Guide Australia (Mar/Apr 2020)
Pure Performance: The Glittering Intensity Of V, Swampland Magazine (April 2019)
Under the Underground: Audiopollen Social Club, Swampland Magazine (2019)
New music again? On the Clifton Hill Community Music Centre, Swampland Magazine (2017)


The Sounds of Love, Felt Journal (2020) (Print only)
Is Art Pop? On Darren Sylvester’s Promises, Meanjin Online (June 2019)
Sarah Mary Chadwick: The Case for Melancholia, Swampland Magazine (July 2018)
Creative Responses to City of Melbourne Collection: On Public Purse, City of Melbourne (2018)
ART and art (where the first is Assisted Reproductive Technologies and the second follows from the first), un Magazine 11.1 (2017)
The polyphony of polyphonies, un Magazine 10.2 (2016)
One baby to another: twenty-five years of Nevermind, Overland (2016)
“Many things I, I musn’t say”: Approaching the mystery and uncertainty of Xiu Xiu’s “Plays the Music of Twin Peaks”, The Lifted Brow (2016)

Exhibition Essays

Georgia Spain: Time is the thing a body moves through, Tolarno Galleries (2022)
Yvette Coppersmith: Presage, Sullivan+Strumpf (2022)
Emily Ferretti: Bent Elbow, Sophie Gannon Gallery (2022)
Elyss McCleary: Chroma/s, Brunswick Temporary (2022)
Eleanor Louise Butt: Resonant iterations, Gallery 9 (2021)  
Georgia Mill and Giordano Biondi’s: Facsimile, Seventh Galleries (2017)
Kusum Normoyle: Slow /Dark, Nicholas Projects and Artspace (2016)


Judy Watson and Helen Johnson on creating and colonialism, Art Guide Australia (Sep/Oct 2022)
Paul Yore on beauty, cooking and chaos, Art Guide Australia (Sep/Oct 2022)
Robert Andrew on revealing and language, Art Guide Australia (Jul/Aug 2022)
“Beautiful politics”: Abdul-Rahman Abdullah and Abdul Abdullah, Art Guide Australia (Jun 2022)
Hayley Millar Baker on photography, Art Guide Australia (May/Jun 2022)
Kiki Smith about being patient in the uncontrollable, Art Guide Australia (Mar/Apr 2022)
Polly Borland on photographing the powerful, Art Guide Australia (Jan/Feb 2022)
The extremities of Marco Fusinato, Art Guide Australia (Nov/Dec 2021)
Mikala Dwyer on mysticism, daydreaming and ‘not-knowing’, Art Guide Australia (Jul/Aug 2021)
Janet Laurence on creating art during environmental crisis, Art Guide Australia (Mar/Apr 2021)
Matthew Harris on camp, class and culture, Art Guide Australia (Mar 2021)
Anne Wallace on realism, motherhood and creating tension, Art Guide Australia (Nov/Dec 2020)
Eugenia Lim on ethics, absurdity and subverting stereotypes, Art Guide Australia (Jul 2020)
Brook Andrew on biennales, the art world and ways of seeing, Art Guide Australia (Mar/Apr 2020)
Tennant Creek Brio on Country, Art Guide Australia (Mar/Apr 2020)
Louise Weaver on nature, feminism and crocheting, Art Guide Australia (Jan/Feb 2020)
Fourteen ARIs join forces in All Conference, Art Guide Australia (Apr 2017)
Kusum Normoyle Interview: “What else the voice might do”, Difficult Fun (2018)
Interview: Ed Kuepper, Collapse Board (2014)

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