4ZZZ FM | Radio Interview: Brodie Lancaster

Filmme Fatales is a quarterly zine about film, feminism and the places where the two intersect. Started over 2 years ago by Brodie Lancaster, Filmme Fatales covers everything from articles discussing trite female character archetypes to poems about Lena Dunham – all with a great sense of humour and insightful voices. Most importantly, the zine discusses how female recognition and participation the film industry is a problem, with Filmme Fatales creating a platform where writers, thinkers and movie-lovers can talk about the issues and joys of women and film.

Tiarney Miekus spoke with writer and editor Brodie Lancaster about Filmme Fatales, and the pair discuss why she started the zine and the underrepresentation of women in film.

Head to the 4ZZZ FM podcast to listen to the entire interview.

If you’d like to find out more head to www.filmmefatales.com

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