Art Guide Australia | Podcast: Five on Five – Painter Series


Five on Five is a podcast series from Art Guide Australia, which asks five painters to speak about a painting that has influenced, inspired or resonated with them.

Head to Art Guide online, or subscribe to the iTunes podcast, to listen. Otherwise have a listen to the episodes below, hosted and produced by Tiarney Miekus.

In this episode Kate Beynon reflects on The Creation of the Birds (1958) by Spanish artist Remedios Varo. As you listen, you can hear that Beynon is captivated by Varo’s hybrid owl-woman and her spiritual presence, which in turn inspired Beynon’s blue shaman, a guardian figure that appears throughout Beynon’s work. See more at Art Guide.


In this episode Peter Waples-Crowe reflects upon Bad Moon Rising (1989) by David Wojnarowicz. As you listen, you can hear that Waples-Crowe is captured by Wojnarowicz’s symbolism, his aids’ activism and the queer politics underlying his imagery. See more at Art Guide.


In this episode Kylie Banyard reflects on Breastfeeding (2015) by American artist Dana Schutz. As you listen, you can hear that Banyard is captivated by the images’ “yuck yum” qualities and its depiction of the maternal experience of breastfeeding. See more at Art Guide.


In this episode Huseyin Sami reflects upon Suite Segond (1980) by French artist Bernard Frize. As you listen, you can hear that Sami is intrigued by Frize’s lifelong dedication to painting and how the artist has continuously worked through the problems of painting. See more at Art Guide online.


In this episode Prudence Flint reflects on Virgin and Child (1455-60) by Dieric Bouts. As you listen, you can hear that Flint is drawn toward the maternal and erotic nature of the work, alongside its nostalgic resonance. See more at Art Guide.


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