Art Guide Australia Podcast: The Humours of Kenny Pittock

Image | Kenny Pittock, Flowers (Cauliflower), 2017.

The punch lines found in Kenny Pittock’s work are almost endless. An illustration of a double power point becomes the ‘power couple’, while a drawing of a giant foot carries the tagline ‘good things are a foot’. Pittock’s work seems relatable and commands us to look at the minutiae of every life. In the latest episode of our conversation series he talks about the organic use of humour in his work, while also touching upon his upcoming drawing residency at Deakin University Art Gallery.

Pittock’s drawings, ceramics and zines are known not only for their witticisms, word play and jokes, but their simultaneous blend of humour and sentiment. There’s also a personal element to these works and Pittock often references the radius he lives and thinks within.

While the artist’s work draws upon Australian icons and culture (think ceramics of Masterfoods sauce bottles, Golden Gaytimes and meat pies) it is Pittock’s ceramic shopping lists that are largely discussed in the podcast conversation.

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