4ZZZ FM | Radio Interview: Eva Mendgen


Dr. Eva Mendgen has worked on a number of art projects and publications, from the entwined histories of Art and Medicine to the cultural landscape of Luxembourg as a landlocked nation – there looking at the influence of the ‘border’ on cultural activity and study. The German historian and scholar as lectured in art history around the world, and since 2013 has been a Research Assistant based at the Laboratory of Contemporary Architecture History, of the National School of Architecture, France. Her current research project concerns something that we may consider to be a very traditional concern, that of the relationship between the picture and its frame. While her studies begin in the 18th Century, as she discusses here in this interview, the modernist period of early to mid-20th Century art is imperative to her theories, where the frame was as an important space for experimentation. And space is also important as the link between art and architecture – Eva points out the heavyweights of modern architecture such as Le Courbusier developed many ideas of space through their personal painting.

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